Commitment To People & The Environment

    ATA holds itself to the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. Our policies and practices reflect our commitment to make a positive impact on the wider society. 
    Caring For Our
    Protecting The

    Caring For Our People

    We value our employees and take great care of both their working and living conditions. At work, we ensure fair working hours and workplace safety. Safety boots, ear plugs, ear muffs and face masks are available to workers.

    We offer comfortable accommodation at dormitories operated by specialized third parties within close proximity to production sites. At the dormitories, employees are provided with clean and hygienic facilities and full amenities ranging from laundry area, clinic, in-house convenience store and cafeteria. The holistic living environment ensures employees get good rest and relaxation off working hours.

    Protecting The Environment

    We ensure minimal wastage during production. For example, we implement the use of recyclable paper instead of plastic packaging. Moreover, we run a program that encourages customers to return re-usable cartons.

    Controls have been put in place to manage energy consumption such as the use of energy saving LED on the production floor.

    Strengthening Communities

    We place emphasis on a healthy work life balance. Various sports and fun activities such as weekly badminton, futsal, runs and movie day are organised throughout the year. These activities foster meaningful relationships and communities outside of working hours.

    In addition, we participate in charity endeavours to support our local communities.

    Exceeding Expectations

    Throughout the year, ATA undergoes multiple audits by our partners and external parties. We are audited thoroughly down to the finest detail against industry’s most rigorous standards. 
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