ATA is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider to internationally recognized brands. We are one of the largest EMS companies in Southeast Asia and are ranked 23rd among the top global EMS providers. With a highly experienced and dedicated team, we deliver a wide range of products to over 80 countries. 

    Passion for Excellence

    We excel in flexibility, speed and quality. With decades of experience,  we promise high operational reliability for our customers. We place strong focus on quality. All products undergo human and electronic visual inspection for maximum assurance.

    Investing in Automation

    We boldly embrace automation. On our production floor, we employ state-of-the-art automation to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency. At the same time, we harness real-time data to create integrated factory networks. This enables us to deliver gains in productivity and optimize operational performance.

    Vertical Integration

    We are a one stop solution offering fully vertically integrated services. We leverage deep integrations and synergies across our value chain to provide the best value for customers.  We are constantly expanding our capabilities to add value to our customers.

    Flexibility to Scale

    We are capable of quick turnaround to ramp up production volume based on demand and eliminate underutilized capacity. Our capability to respond dynamically sets us apart from our peers.

    Industry Recognition

    We are honoured to have received numerous recognitions from customers, industry and government worldwide. They are testament to our excellence in manufacturing.
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